Wednesday 22 August 2012

Honest Burgers - Meard St W1

 It's always cool when two previous blog posts come together.  I have written before about the absolute kick-ass burger deliciousness of Honest Burgers in Brixton Village Market and I have also waxed lyrical about Meard St, the jewel in the crown of Georgian Soho.  Well blow me down if Honest Burgers hasn't gone and opened a snazzy new joint on Meard St.  Praise be.  I went with some colleagues today and sat outside in the sun, eating one of the best burgers I have ever eaten (see pic below) - a special, with a beef and black pudding patty, apple tempura (how brilliant an idea is that??) and tarragon & caper mayonnaise.  It was awesome...just friggin' awesome.  Accompanied by the usual Honest Burger rosemary salted chips, this was the lunch of champions.  These guys know what they are doing and this new outpost is really lovely.  Top it all off with great service and what is there not to love?  What are you waiting for burger lovers?  Get down to Honest Burger, soak up the Georgian vibe of Meard St and take a moment to appreciate that sometimes two great things come together and make the world a little better.


  1. I just discovered this street the other week while I was waiting outside Burger & Lobster for my friends to arrive. I thought ooh, what's that street and discovered it was the home of the new Honest Burger and that it's a completely lovely street. I can't believe I'd never even noticed it before. And it has one of the 'Soho noses' on it.

  2. I haven't seen the nose! Good spot.

  3. I need one of those!

  4. Ben - get down there, those burgers are top notch!

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