Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Murals of W1

I have always loved a mural and there are two in my beloved Soho & Fitzrovia that have always appealed to me.  Not because they are particularly beautiful, maybe because they are eye-catching, but I think mainly because they formed a back-drop for some key moments in my life.  I have done a lot of living in these areas, my life has taken all sorts of turns and at the risk of getting too deep (queue soundtrack) I feel like W1 is where I became the person I am today.  Anyway, blah blah blah - back to the murals.  The first is on the corner of Carnaby and Broadwick Streets and is know as "The Spirit of Soho".  Completed in 1991, this shows St Anne (so featured because of St Anne's church in Wardour Street) overseeing various Soho luminaries.  As an added bonus, on the hour 3 of the figures wink, drink and blow kisses.
The second mural is on Tottenham Court Road, at the back of the rather un-prepossessing open space know as Whitfield Gardens.  I think I particularly like this one because my first London job, at a music dot com in Charlotte St, was just round the corner.  I loved that job and I have to admit I felt pretty damn cool at the time (ahh youth) - I felt like Fitzrovia was my 'hood and so I always liked this mural, celebrating the area.  It's looking a little tired these days, with some graffiti spoiling the bottom portion but it still stands out and I hope they keep it there.  If you are interested in Fitzrovia, I can recommend a book called "Characters of Fitzrovia" - essential reading for Fitzrovia-philes.  So next time you are sauntering down TCR or sashaying down Carnaby St, take a moment to admire (or not) these two fine examples of street murals.


  1. Seriously? Rob - these are some lame ass murals dude!!

  2. Peter - let's agree to disagree :)