Thursday, 3 May 2012

Grind - Battersea SW11

Fans of Grind Coffee Bar in Putney (and I am one) will be pleased to know that Grind has a little sister in Battersea.  Somewhat oddly situated in the Plantation Wharf development on the river, this is nevertheless a lovely little cafe.  We actually used to live just around the corner - so I'm not dissing the area (Battersea love) but Grind is tucked away in a primarily residential development.  Anyway - I hope the many local residents discover and hang out at Grind because these guys do the cafe thing really well.  Top notch flat whites made with London Coffee Roasters beans, yummy food and friendly antipodean service - a winning formula in my book.  I love the fact that the SW coffee scene is expanding and that places like Grind are branching out into new locations.  The only thing that would improve Grind Battersea?  Being open on the weekend - then I could visit more often.


  1. I will definitely check these things out.
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  2. They have a branch in the Stratford Westfield which is the only one I've managed to get to - found it to be pretty soul less there and the staff very rude. Hopefully a visit to one of their more discreet offerings will redeem them! :) Love this blog.

  3. I haven't been to that Westfield but I think big shopping centres in general lack vibe so tricky to recapture a small cafe feel there. It's the same with the Sacred at Westfield in SheBu.