Wednesday, 30 May 2012

MEATMarket - WC2

Having fallen for the messy deliciousness of Yianni Papoutsis' burgers at #meateasy in SE14 early last year, I faithfully followed them to their first permanent home at MEATLiquor in Wellbeck Street in January.  MEAT Liquor kinda did my head in (in a dirty, sexy, scary way) and was probably one of the least relaxed, yet completely delicious meals I had had in a while.  So of course as soon as I heard about MEATMarket, Yianni's latest burger joint, I
couldn't wait to check it out.  Situated on a mezzanine overlooking the tacky Jubilee Market Hall just next to the Covent Garden piazza (which in a weird way really works as a location - I felt like I was at a fun fair) the first thing that struck me was that here I was, ordering a Yianni burger with no queues, which got delivered within 10 minutes to our table which we had scored easily (at #meateasy the other half and I waited 2 hours for our burger and had to lunge on the first vacant table and at MEATLiquor we queued for 20 minutes outside in a London winter).  The second thing that struck me was that, unlike at MEATLiquor, I didn't feel like a deranged maniac was lurking around each corner or that I would find a sex club in the basement (and yes, perhaps you detect a slight note of disappointment...).  The last thing that struck me was that these burgers were still f*cking awesome.  My friend Don and I also ordered some amazing sides, including poppaz (cheese stuffed, breaded and deep fried jalapenos).  From what I hear the evenings get busy, although not quite to MEATLiquor levels - I am keen to try out the alcoholic milkshakes very soon.  As an added bonus for me, since my work has moved offices, MEATMarket is now a short 5 minute stroll away - so I plan to eat here...a lot.

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  1. VERY jealous of your close proximity to MEATMarket. The hard shakes are brilliant!!

  2. Friday afternoon visit is now locked in. Might have a cheeky alcoholic milkshake or 2 as well.

  3. Still haven't tried the hard shakes Chloe - can't wait!