Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Farewell Brewed Boy Coffee Cart

Sad news started filtering around the coffee loving folk of Soho over the last couple of weeks.  Brewed Boy was packing up his cart and moving on - no more would we see his smiling face framed by the giant muscle-men on the side of the Prowler store, there would be no more witty banter as we waited for our delicious and expertly poured flat whites, no more would we be entertained by his stories of battling Soho drunks, junkies and local cafe-owners.  The Brewed Boy cart basically brought lots of pleasure to lots of people and it's absence leaves Rupert St feeling a little depleted....but it's not all gloomy for these two important reasons:

  1. There are still other fantastic coffee carts out there - Indie Coffee, Coffee by the Clock, Weanie Beans and Flat Cap to name four outstanding examples to satisfy your al fresco caffeine habit.
  2. Brewed Boy is still around - he is part of the team at Ben's Canteen (see below) - which is super exciting in itself but even more exciting for people like me who live in SW London. 


  1. Oh no!! I will miss Brewed Boy :(

  2. I know - me too, but just get yourself down to Ben's Canteen!

  3. Another 'epic' coffee cart is Mr Coffee (mostly in the City)

  4. I have heard of this guy - is his slogan "it's so frothy"? I will def check it out.