Friday, 26 November 2010

Wild Honey - St George St W1

I am a big fan of Arbutus (the best tarte tatin ever) and had been curious to try it's posh sister, Wild Honey in Mayfair.  I finally got to go this week for a very pleasant lunch.  First impressions were that the room was a bit hushed and restrained, but as it filled up that improved.  It is a great looking space - there is some lovely wood panelling (love a good panel I do) and we sat in a nice private booth (also fond of a booth).  It was very "Mayfair" and there was a disproportionate number of suity hedge-fundy looking dudes, but that shouldn't put you off.  The food was really good - I started with a personal favourite of mine, a beetroot salad - I just love seeing the different types of beets and this one was really beautiful to look at.  Luckily it was also beautiful to eat - combined with creamy goat's curd and a yummy sweet, lemony dressing, this was delicate, tasty and just enough to get the tastebuds going.  My main on the other hand, whilst also being delicious, filled me up to that "I'm a bit uncomfortable" stage, mainly because it had risotto as a side dish, which I always find odd (albeit tasty).  I had misread the menu item and thought it was going to be chicken risotto, however it was a plate of perfectly cooked, crispy skinned roast chicken pieces with the aforementioned side pot of risotto.  Of course me being the glutton I am, I polished off the whole pot which I really shouldn't have.  Anyway it was great.  The only let down was a pretty uninspiring carafe of Russian River chardonnay - I just can't seem to get Californian wine right.  So overall I was impressed with Wild Honey - I'll be back when I'm in a Mayfair state of mind.

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