Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sicilian Avenue WC1

A slightly surreal little slice of Italy in Holborn, Sicilian Avenue has always been a favourite of mine.  Designed and built early in the 20th century, it is a charming, but small, pedestrianised row of shops and cafes with a distinctly Italian flavour.  I haven't actually eaten at any of the cafes along here - they look cute, in a stereotypical Italian pasta joint kinda way.  One of these days I will check them out - the tricky thing for me is, if I am in that area and I feel hungry my natural instinct is to head straight for Bea's of Bloomsbury, which does amazing food and sensational coffee.  So for me, Sicilian Avenue is more about the visual and on that front it's a winner.

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  1. Oddly enough I think I went to a middle-eastern restaurant on Sicilian Ave a few years back... not traditionally Italian, but delicious.