Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Brew - SW11

I have written about Northcote Road in Battersea before but wanted to mention a really great cafe there called Brew. We were early customers of Brew - in fact we were so delighted that a cool cafe had opened on a street that at the time seemed to only contain "baby friendly" cafes. It was owned by a lovely chap called Mike and served amazing salads, great cakes and half decent coffee. The vibe was cool and Mike made you feel like a valued customer. When he stepped back from the business and then ultimately sold it, we stopped going so regularly - mainly because by that time it had also got so popular that it was difficult to get a table (it's really dinky). A few weekends ago I met some friends (avec baby - very Northcote Rd) for coffee there and was so impressed with what I saw on the menu and then went back the following Saturday for breakfast. Man it was good - they have a sensational breakfast menu. Try some of these out for size - blueberry pancakes with caramelised bananas, creme fraiche and maple syrup, chorizo scrambled eggs on sourdough toast or my choice - spring time eggs, which were scrambled eggs with Persian feta, parsley and lemon. Oh yeah - makes your mouth water right? The eggs were great, the freshly squeezed juice of the day was amazing (watermelon, strawberry and pink grapefruit) and the coffee has really stepped up several notches - it was as good as you would get anywhere and quite a bit stronger than a lot of places, which I liked. This place is a winner - it does get crowded on weekends but tables seem to turn fairly quickly. My suggestion would be to go early or ideally visit during the week.


  1. I love this cafe - it is my local. I think their coffee is the best in London!!! :)

  2. Thanks Penny - not sure if I would say the coffee is the best in London, but it is certainly very good!