Thursday, 22 July 2010

Nude Espresso at Rapha pop-up store EC1

I love a pop-up store and so I was intrigued to come across the Rapha Cycle Club pop-up on Clerkenwell Road.  Cyclists amongst you will already know of Rapha, the British cycle-wear brand.  I did not - but was impressed with what was on offer.  The best bit though was that Nude Espresso (from Hanbury St E1, near Spitalfields) has a temporary coffee station at the back of the store.  I was gagging for a flat white (had just tried to get one at Dose to find they were shut at 4pm - what gives?) so there was a touch of the thirsty man crawling out of the desert.  Anyway, a lovely chap served me the most magnificent flat white - as you can see from the photo, he is also a latte-artist extraordinaire but the best bit was how it tasted - sublime.  I can't wait to go and check out
 Nude - I still haven't made it there but now it is top of my list.  If you want to sample the pop-up variety of Nude or indeed buy some groovy cycle duds, you better be quick as I think the store is only in place until the Tour de France finishes on 25 July.


  1. If you are going to nude try some of their baking. Or all of it. If they are having a good day its the best in London!

    PS lucky you don't cycle as then you might have bought some Rapha stuff and given the prices you would be too poor for coffee : )

  2. Wow! It's good news for coffee fans if you can get a great espresso drink ... in a bike shop!?! I'm smilin'!

  3. Robert - it's only open for a few more days so unless you're in London you may miss it! Maybe you could lobby them to keep it open...

    Tom - will definitely check out what Nude has to offer food wise. Mmmmm - baking....