Saturday, 13 October 2012

Tried & True - SW15

It's always a mistake to make rash generalisations and wouldn't you know it, the minute I "break" the news that there are now two great places to get coffee in Putney, I am informed (via a faithful commenter) that there are actually 3 (this is the cue for someone to tell me there are actually 10).  Pointed in the right direction, the other half and I visited the rather lovely Tried & True on the Upper Richmond Road (almost where Putney becomes East Sheen).  Slightly Scandi in it's decor, my first thoughts were that
 this was a charming, chilled, perfect neighbourhood cafe.  We ordered flat whites (creatures of habit, I know) and they were spot on - using Square Mile beans and nice and strong, I was impressed.  I had a super tasty toasted chicken bagel and the other half had a healthy beetroot salad - we shared a chocolate peanut butter cookie on the way out - so big tick on the food options also.  So how lucky you are residents of SW15 - whatever quadrant of this fine part of south-west London you inhabit you are never far from quality caffeine - Grind, Artisan or Tried & True.  Happy days.


  1. Tried and tested that this restaurants sells a very tasty coffee's and espresso's. Great experience from you.