Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ozone Coffee Roasters - Leonard St EC2

After hearing good things about the newly opened Ozone Coffee Roasters cafe, just off City Road in Shoreditch, I finally made it there as part of an East End coffee mission this past weekend (Salvation Jane was also on the agenda).  I have to say, the whole experience was absolutely lovely - it was one of those mornings where all just felt good with the world and from the moment I walked in the door at Ozone everything about my visit was spot on.  The first thing you notice is the space - in a huge old warehouse-like building, the inside has been cleverly

 converted to focus on what look like original features but are actually spot-on reproductions (the magnificent windows being one example).  The cafe space is really big - a large bar in the middle splits the back boothed area from the front counter and window seats (where I perched myself).  Originally established in New Zealand (of course!) the Ozone guys have apparently been roasting beans in NZ since the late 90s but this is their first
 UK cafe/retail space.  The flat white I sampled was top notch, smooth and creamy whilst being nice and strong.  Even though I had had an early morning breakfast at home I decided to sample something off the menu and went all antipodean by ordering tomato and avocado ("avo" to you Aussies) on toast.  As you can see from the photo this was simple food done well and I happily munched away whilst slurping on my flat white (must have been nice for those around
 me).  Actually thinking about it, the fact I had a "second breakfast" at Kiwi outpost Ozone was quite appropriate (that's a reference only fellow Lord of the Rings geeks will get - stay with me you others...).  I checked out the downstairs roastery before I left.  It was impressive and looked the business (not that I could tell either way).  There is more seating downstairs and what looks like a private room that my friend (and nephew) Ben tells me can be hired out for meetings - which is a great idea.  The staff are super friendly and informative on the origins of the beans and such stuff.  So if you are in the environs of the Old Street roundabout get yourselves down to Ozone, it's really really good.

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  1. Great wine also.

  2. So good to hear London is getting decent coffee. It's happening slowly but it is happening!

  3. Anonymous - sounds like I need to go back there in the evening!

    Cara - when you come back for a visit you need to work your way through my coffee Google map!

  4. On those cold winter nights, a cup of Gourmet coffee is exactly what we need!