Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ginger & White - Silver Place W1

Coffee drinkers of leafy Hampstead (and now Belsize Park also) will be aware of Ginger & White, serving quality caffeine to NW3 for some years now.  Walking through Silver Place in Soho last week (taking the alleys and small streets as is my wont) I stumbled across the newest member of the Ginger & White stable, a rather lovely cafe in W1.  Staffed by a couple of friendly handsome chaps, the coffee was top notch, the vibe more relaxed than I remember from their super busy Hampstead cafe and the location spot on.  So if you have resisted dropping in to Fernandez & Wells or Flat White (depending on which direction you are coming from) then you could do a lot worse than drop in to this little gem.


  1. Hi London Stuff blogger,

    Very nice blog.

    I had yet to find anyone with as much knowledge of central London as myself but I think I've found one :D

    I've just started Sally Crawford's London and am still working on the mysteries of the interactive bit to distract me while sitting at my desk.

  2. Thanks Sally. Your blog is great too - just had a look. We are lucky to have London as our subject - there is no shortage of things to blog about, the only issue is finding the time.

  3. Hi - love your blog. i featured Ginger&White in my coffee post too:

  4. LifeOfYablon: thanks! Nice blog.