Friday, 21 October 2011

StArt Coffee - Columbia Rd E2

An appendage to StArt Space, a gallery in Columbia Road, StArt Coffee is probably the smallest coffee bar I have encountered.  We visited at the end of a heavily caffeinated day - Hurwundeki, CapheVn, Prufrock - but still managed to sample the wares and they were pretty good.  As you can see our friend Rob was pretty happy with the whole experience.  Columbia Road is lovely on a Saturday - no crowds, quite peaceful - obviously no flowers but still lots of the shops are open and you can browse without the rubber-neck crowds.  I love the walk from Broadway Market through Columbia Road, over Shoreditch High St, through Arnold Circus to Redchurch Street and it's a caffeine wonderland.  I would happily do it every weekend.


  1. This place is really dinky and cute but I have been a bit disappointed with the coffee. I thought they were a bit too hot plus not sure what beans they use but not as smooth as say Prufrock. Do you agree London Stuff??

  2. Um, I sort of agree. Yes, the coffee is not as good as Prufrock, but that's a pretty high bar! I thought it was pretty good - and I loved the "hole in the wall" vibe.

  3. odd comparison since a good coffee will taste good even cold and if it starts a bit too hot then just let it cool down a bit. Better than the other way round I guess... Oh! and I have been told Start Coffee serves 100% Arabica coffee by their very friendly barista.