Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Honest Burgers - Brixton Village Mkt SW9

I have written before about the wonderful Brixton Village Market but had not yet sampled the fare from Honest Burgers - which, given what burger junkies the other half and I are, is kinda surprising.  I had actually wanted to go there on my birthday London fiesta but after Broadway Market, Shoreditch, Knightsbridge and Soho we ran out of steam - so we rectified that on the weekend and popped in before going to the Ritzy.  Oh man, this was a goooooood burger - the reviews have been positive and the provenance of their meat is top notch (Ginger Pig) but it was even better than expected.  We went for the plain beef version and the coarse, perfectly seasoned patty sandwiched between exactly the right type of burger bun (so often this lets a burger down - but not here) was delicious (to give you an idea of how good this was, as I write this I am drooling like Homer Simpson - why oh why aren't Honest Burger open on Monday nights).  Triple cooked rustic fries are the perfect accompaniment - just get down there and try for yourself.  Oh yeah - I should add, great location, cool shopfront, great service, great vibe in the market itself - it's all good folks, what are you waiting for?!

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  1. Me too Trent - can't wait to go back, again and again!

  2. First off, great blog Rob. I too look back at the cafes of Melbourne in the 90s with a great deal of sun-dappled nostalgia. Breakfast at Babka's with their beautiful bread and coffee.

    Another excellent place to go for burgers in Brixton is Braza's. It is a block up Tulse Hill Rd from the Hootananny. They have been going for about four years now, serving up excellent modern Portuguese food. In addition to the burgers their cakes are particularly good.

  3. Thanks Jon! I had forgotten about Babkas - now I feel a bit homesick. I will def check out Braza's - thanks for the tip.