Monday, 18 July 2011

Pitt Cue Co - Southbank SE1

Have I mentioned before how much I love Southbank?  I did?  Well I'll say it again - I  LOVE Southbank and last Sunday was one of those prefect Southbank days.  I had been wanting to try out the Pitt Cue Co. BBQ truck under Hungerford Bridge for ages and in fact I had gone down there last week but was too early so this was my second mission (the first time the ever generous Pitt Cue crew gave me a couple of pieces of tasty brisket and some confit onions from their "crew lunch" to keep me happy - how cool is that?).  I couldn't believe it when the other half and I got there at 1pm a couple of  Sunday's ago and the guys at Pitt Cue told me they had been caught in a traffic jam on the way to set up so were running late - I felt like the fates were trying to stop me sampling that BBQ loveliness.  Luckily the guys from Milk & Honey had set up a cocktail stall next door (the cocktails were actually raising money for Pitt Cue to buy a new smoker) so we sampled some mighty fine gin based beverages while we waited for Pitt Cue to get going.  We got a little squiffy on the delicious cocktails and just in time Pitt Cue began serving their amazing BBQ goodness - the pulled pork is their signature dish and it comes with black beans, homemade crunchy coleslaw and the aforementioned confit onions.  This is seriously good food - in fact it's groan out loud good (although that could have been the cocktails talking).  Trust me on this - if you are in the vicinity of Waterloo, just GO!

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  1. Still have not made it here! * jealous *

  2. GC - you have to go, you will LOVE it.

  3. I went again last Sunday and had the Brisket and Coleslaw.
    Again I was a tad disappointed. The brisket was cooked really well, but it lacked any smoky taste that I was expecting. I'm thinking their smoking methods need a few tweaks here and there.
    The coleslaw was ok, but the bottom of the carton was awash with sauce, not how it should be.
    But I'm a sucka for B-B-Q and food vans, so I know I'll be back.

  4. Mzungu - hopefully they raised enough money for their new smoker! I haven't tried the brisket except for their very generous sample when I turned up too early. Hope you're next experience there is as fantastic as ours was.