Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cox Cookies & Cake - Brewer St W1

If you are a fashionista or maybe fancied yourself as a 90s trend-setter in your "wannabe" loafers then you are well aware of who Patrick Cox is.  For those of you who have nfi, he is a designer (mainly of shoes), is Canadian, is often pictured in the society pages with David Furnish (Elton John's hubby) and is gracing the esteemed pages of this blog because late last year he opened a cake shop in Brewer St in Soho.  Brewer St has always been a little seedy and to me that adds to the allure, however it is also has some great places to eat and drink - Randall & Aubin and Hix Soho to name but two.  Cox, Cookies & Cake is at the Rupert St end of Brewer St and so the inevitable double entendre is apt.  To be honest, the cakes are just OK but they look amazing.  Plus the place itself and the cupcake decoration are so OTT (yes, there are cakes with cocks on them) that it is worth visiting just to check them out.  The lemon cupcake I had was nice but unremarkable and the reviews have been a bit harsh, but something about this whole experience made me smile so I have no issue with recommending that you check it out.  Just make sure that if you are in the area you pop round the corner into Rupert St and say g'day to Brewed Boy.

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  1. I went there when it opened and was pretty unimpressed with their cupcakes but I agree the shop is quite cool. In a nightclub masquerading as a cake shop kinda way!!

  2. To be honest Bento, I am a bit over cupcakes in general! Someone bought me a Hummingbird red velvert version yesterday and to me that used to be the epitome of cupcakes and it was really average (didn't stop me eating it all of course....)