Thursday, 10 September 2009

Edwards & Todd - Bloomsbury

Given I seem to be in a Bloomsbury mood, thought Iwould mention one of my other favourite places in the area. If ever I need to buy someone a present I always go straight to this shop - Edwards & Todd on Museum Street in Bloomsbury. The 2 guys that run it (sorry guys I have a terrible memory for names!) are great and they have a keen eye for quirky, interesting, beautiful things. But the best bit is, they sell them at reasonable prices - a place like this in Notting Hill or even Shoreditch would probabaly hike the prices up and make the whole experience much more contrived. These guys are true masters of the retailing game - they have created a really great environment with good stock at reasonable prices. The thing I love the most from here are their cards - I always buy in bulk and then don't want to send them because they look so good! I have bought really funky jewellery here for female friends, presents for colleagues and a really great travelling rug that I kept for myself. If I had my way, shops like Edwards & Todd would be on every high street, with the London Revew Bookshop and Cafe next to them and Milk Bar a few doors down. Add a good pub, an art house cinema and a small neighbourhood restaurant in the style of the Giaconda Dining Room and I would never leave my postcode. A man can dream...

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