Monday, 28 September 2009

The Barbican EC1 - Discuss!

So - do you love or hate the Barbican? I am firmly in the love camp (hence why I am blogging about it) but I know plenty of people who think it is a blight on the London landscape. I love the concrete, slightly bleak modernism, I love the mix of commerical, residential and public spaces, I love the way that greenery has become entwined with the building so that the whole place appears as if it is slowly being overcome by nature. I have eaten here, drunk here, seen movies here, sat in the sun and contemplated life here, seen exhibitions and bought some cool presents here. Most of all though - I have just enjoyed being in this unique complex. I have to admit, I have pretended I am in Blakes Seven or the Tomorrow People (that's just the vibe I get here!) whilst walking alone through the communal spaces. I have never been inside any of the apartments here but having seen pictures and read a lot about them I know that I want one. I imagine it as my city pad where I could mix cocktails and pass around squares of cheese with toothpicks in them. Anyway - enough of my modernist fantasy life, I know this place divides opinion but isn't that kinda cool?


  1. I'm with you Rob, I love it. In fact, we're seeing a film there tomorrow!

  2. Love the Barbican, although it's quite easy to get lost in when you're drunk. I've been inside a flats in one of the towers... it had a great view, but was small even by London standards.

  3. Was just reading your review of Bullet coffee and noticed you had something on the Barbican. Was curious as I live here to see what you thought!

    For me the best thing is that it is some weird sanctuary place where unless you live here you will always be lost and the secret gardens are nice in the summer as well.

    The apartments are nice but the original fixtures are pretty dated these days. Our bathroom looks like an insane asylum!


  4. Wow - that must be hard to take the "morning after" when you stare at yourself in the bathroom mirror. Despite that - I am envious of you living there Tom and you have Dose just round the corner!