Friday, 28 August 2009

Wild & Wood - New Oxford St W1

 There is this small stretch of New Oxford Street, where it veers off from the main (and not very attarctive) part, that I am really fond of. There is a great wine shop called Planet of the Grapes and there is some cool art deco architecture. But it is a bit out of the way - so I'm not sure how long Wild & Wood had been open before I found it, but given how close it is to where I work I was delighted to discover it. Bucking the trend, there does not appear to be any Antipodean connection - no Kiwi barista giving you your "flet white", no Aussie fresh off the boat from Melbourne determined to bring a little slice of Fitzroy to London. What there is however is friendly, efficient staff, great coffee, a really good vibe and some really yummy food. I had a sort of bacon and cheese pie thing for breakfast the other day and whilst it didn't feel like the healthiest breakfast in the world it was majorly tasty and went well with the strong flat white I got with it. Their coffee preparation and in particular their milk pouring has improved so that now they can produce artforms like this little beauty...

They have the whole church pew, wooden panelling thing going on and it works - although some of the seats are a bit uncomfortable so I am more of a take out guy with this place. I really hope these guys are doing well and that they stick around because W&W is a welcome addition to the London coffee scene. They only charge £1.90 for their flat whites and I always feel kinda guilty because I worry that they are not making enough money so I usually just give them two quid! Last of the big tippers...

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  1. I'd be sure to visit W&W next time I'm in central London. Perhaps you can take me out for breakfast???