Monday, 16 April 2012

Damson Cafe - St Giles High St WC2

As the time approaches for our office move to Central St Giles I am starting to work out what my closest coffee locations will be.  Luckily for me, my current fave Nude Espresso in Soho Square is still relatively close, plus Monmouth and Wild & Wood are but a hop, skip and a jump away.  I was really excited when Flat Cap kindly located their new cart in the grounds of St Giles church and thought that was definitely going to be my closest location for that emergency caffeine hit.  But I was wrong people!  Winning the race by a matter of metres is newcomer to the London coffee scene, Damson.  A cute little cafe on the corner of New Compton St (those of you who are used to sashaying down Old Compton St may not realise there's a "new" one too) and St Giles High St, Damson is on the site of the old Panchetto Bistro, a pretty standard cafe who did a better than average fry-up.  Damson is a really lovely cafe and the flat white I had there last week was spot on.  My sis and I also shared a delicious raspberry muffin thingy which we both agreed was the perfect size and consistency for a muffin - which means the exact opposite of those gross, tumorous looking things you get from Starbucks.  So check out this lovely new cafe - I can't wait for the office move to happen so I can become a regular!


  1. This hasn't much to do with your post, it's just that I was walking around that very area the other day and noticed for the first time New Compton St. And then a day later I noticed plain old Compton St. in Clerkenwell! Who was this Compton anyway, getting all these streets named after him?

  2. Another one to add to my list... :)