Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tea & Tattle at Arthur Probsthain WC1

I had walked past Arthur Probsthain - Oriental & African Bookseller on Great Russell Street many times but had never been in.  What finally got me in there was noticing a sign for Tea & Tattle, the tea room downstairs.  I had a really good flat white (made with Monmouth beans I think) and a delicious danish pastry.  The surroundings are "old fashioned tea room with a twist" - which is fine with me.  I also checked out the bookshop upstairs which as well as a wide range of interesting books with an Oriental or African theme, had some interesting artwork for sale.  I love this precinct - there are some great places within walking distance of the British Museum (as well as some tourist-targeted crap) and Arthur Probsthain and Tea & Tattle downstairs are definitely in this category.


  1. Great name for a cafe!!

  2. It is - feels like somewhere you go for a gossip.