Monday, 9 August 2010

Cafe at The Bathhouse EC2

Surrounded by high rise office buildings behind the lovely St Boltoph's church near Liverpool St station, The Bathhouse is a weird one (in a good way).  I haven't been down to the basement restaurant/bar but it sounds cool - would be interested to hear any reports.  I have however visited the cute cafe, which is the only part of the venue above ground.  This place is actually an old Turkish baths - one of those built in Victorian times all over London (now mostly gone with the two remaining being the Porchester in Bayswater and Ironmonger Row in Shoreditch).  I realy liked the cafe from the moment I walked in - Motown vinyl playing on an old turntable, a friendly barista making coffee and delicious looking biscuits on offer (I had a chewy, gooey Florentine).  The coffee was good - not amazing but good (the milk was too hot which is always a big no no for me).  The cafe sees oddly out of place with the suity/city vibe of the area and that is part of it's charm - it seems like a slightly hippyish impostor in stuffed-shirt land and as such long may it proposer!


  1. The Wild Boar got a freebie there and wrote it up:

  2. Thanks Kake - those cocktails sounds good, maybe I'll have to venture downstairs!