Friday 2 August 2013

The Coffee Jar - Parkway NW1

I had not been to Camden in like, forever (said in my best Valley girl accent) so last weekend I decided to combine a coffee mission with the chance to catch up with Ben, Gen and (the other) Rob (all pictured looking happy and flat white expectant) and Camden was the destination.  One of the two coffee establishments we tried was The Coffee Jar, a really neat little cafe on Parkway - which is the main road that tales you from Camden to Regent's Park and is sufficiently distant from the market madness on a Saturday to make it feel oasis-like, or at least it did to me after I was reminded why I haven't been
hanging out in Camden on weekends for the last decade...  Anyway, using Monmouth beans to serve up top notch flatties and with a rather delicious looking selection of edible goodies this is well worth a pit stop when you are staggering on your platform-heeled doc martens from Camden to the park.


  1. I have avoided Camden for years but this might make it worth a visit again!

  2. Shops like this destroying real Camden Town.

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